The Best Pub in USA

There are plenty of places to grab a drink in the USA, but some have a charm all their own. These pubs offer welcoming atmospheres, intimate entertainment, and delicious food and drinks that you won’t find at bigger bars. Check out these charming Irish, English, and American-style spots to get your pub on.

Unlike the trendy, modern pubs you see in movies, most of these establishments are content to keep things classic. These old-school drinking holes are full of foamy beers and straight whiskey, and they’re littered with bizarre yet charming memorabilia from decades (and in some cases centuries) of operation.

From a pub that’s 55 feet underground to one whose decor consists of repurposed wine bottles, there are plenty of great options for drinking and dining in New England. This Irish-style pub in Boston has a loyal following among older Tufts students and the Irish expat community—and it checks all the right boxes, from hearty Irish eats to live music to proper pours of Guinness.

The Black Horse London Pub in San Francisco is considered one of the smallest pubs in the world, at only 19 feet long and seven feet wide (the fire code only allows 22 occupants). But the cozy little spot is beloved by locals for its cheese plate and a variety of drafts. This brew pub in Telluride, Colorado offers plenty of frothy ales and comfort food that will have you feeling at home.