Best Pub in USA

The best pubs in the US are as varied as their locations. Among the top 50, the New York State Pub has 28 bars, including two in Brooklyn. California had 18 on the list, with six in Los Angeles and another in San Francisco. Illinois placed fourth, with eight bars in the Windy City. Oregon had 11 on the list, with seven in Portland. Washington, DC added seven bars. Here is a list of the best American pubs.

The McSorley Old Ale House in New York City is a historic Irish pub with only two beers on tap. It was a prohibition-era saloon that refused to serve women until the early 1970s. Matty Maher, who had been the proprietor since 1977, died of lung cancer on February 8, and the pub has no reservations about honoring him with a pint. There are many other great bars in the country, so we will only list the 25 best.

The Monterey Pub in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has a great atmosphere, good decor, and tasty food. It has plenty of home cooking, which is perfect for those of us who miss our Irish homeland. A second great Irish pub is McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida. It is a traditional Irish pub with a dense, old-world atmosphere and lots of Irish culture. It’s a great place for a pint and a good time.