What’s So Special About a Bar in Indonesia?

If you’ve ever wondered what’s so special about an Indonesian bar, then you’re not alone. Many foreign visitors are surprised by how surprisingly easy it is to set up a bar in the country. Here are a few tips to ensure that your bar gets off to a great start. If you’re unsure of where to start, consider consulting an Indonesian consultancy firm like Cekindo. They can help you register your bar business and secure the necessary licenses.

In addition to offering cheap drinks, Indonesia has a vibrant bar scene. While the country is largely Muslim, there are plenty of pubs in Jakarta. Although there are few pubs in less cosmopolitan cities, Indonesians love to party, and the culture is very liberal in this regard. Many people even enjoy karaoke, which is commonplace in Indonesian pubs. Even if the atmosphere is not the sexiest in the world, you’ll still have a great time.

Creating a bar in Indonesia can be a great way to explore the island. It’s not difficult to establish your own bar in Indonesia, though you should be prepared to get a business license first. The government requires special permits for alcohol businesses, but these are generally fast and easy to obtain and will be released to you within two to three weeks. Then, you should create a good concept for your new establishment. This can include a unique name and d├ęcor. Likewise, you should research the demographics of your potential customers. Lastly, you should also make a financial forecast.