How to Create a Pub

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A pub is a renovated version of a public house that serves food and alcoholic drinks. In terms of customer experience, a pub is somewhere between a restaurant and a bar. While the food served in a pub is often of a high quality, the atmosphere is casual and friendly. Therefore, the name of a pub should be chosen carefully. Although the name may be descriptive of the type of service to expect, it can also affect the customer’s experience.

A pub is a popular place to go for drinks after work or in the evening. Bars are great for night owls as the real party starts after midnight. In New York and Connecticut, many bars remain open until 2 or 4 am. The atmosphere of a pub is quite different from that of a bar, but some features of a pub are common among all of them. One characteristic that distinguishes pubs from bars is a flat floor area where patrons can sit or lie.