Best Pub in USA

If you love visiting bars, chances are you’ve been to the best pub in the USA. From famous watering holes to thriving lounges, the US has more than its fair share of great drinking establishments. Which one should you try? Here are some tips. Read on to find out what makes a great bar. Let’s start with the most obvious: quality drinks. Choose a pub that serves beer, wine, or cocktails that are made with fresh ingredients.

A survey of 50 Best magazine readers determined the top 100 bars in the United States. The survey’s methodology included the number and location of each bar. In the New York State, 28 bars were ranked. Nine of those were located in Brooklyn, while the city of Queens ranked one. California, with its 18 top-rated bars, placed second and third. The state of Illinois ranked fourth with eight bars in the city of Chicago. Oregon placed sixth with 11 bars, and Washington, DC added seven.

For the ultimate Irish experience, visit McNamara’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. The ambiance is casual and Irish-inspired, and you’ll be sure to leave with a full belly. The restaurant is popular among locals, and the live music and burgers make it an ideal place to enjoy a drink and watch a game. There are also other great pubs across the USA to choose from.