The Best Pub in USA

The best pub in USA offers more than just drinks and food. It provides a welcoming atmosphere and intimate entertainment that you won’t find at larger bars. These under-the-radar spots serve up a wide variety of beverages, including beer, cocktails, wine and whiskey. You can also indulge in hearty fare that ranges from burgers to traditional Irish dishes.

While stale nuts and pretzels are standard bar fare, some establishments take their counter snacks to the next level — and give it to patrons on the house. James Beard-recognized Double Chicken Please in New York City, for example, serves up fried hominy topped with a creamy slaw and served free of charge.

Often, these pubs are tucked away in less-traveled neighborhoods and boast a more authentic vibe. The Black Horse London Pub in San Francisco is considered one of the smallest bars in the world, as it can only hold 22 people. Its quaint atmosphere is enhanced by the fact that it’s located in the historic Black Horse building.

Down a dirt road in rural Maine sits Ebenezer’s Pub, which bills itself as a holy land for Belgian beer and rare vintage bottles. The brews are paired with Instagram-worthy small plates and hearty Belgian cuisine de biere, such as mussels and frites.