The Best Bars in Indonesia

If you’re looking for a fun place to hang out with your travel companion, then a bar in Indonesia is the answer. With a variety of international cuisines and sophisticated ambiances, Indonesia has a wide variety of good bars to choose from. While many cities in Indonesia have sophisticated pubs, the main focus of Jakarta bars is on mingling with strangers in a social atmosphere. The country’s diverse culture makes exploring Indonesia’s pubs an exciting adventure.

The alcohol-serving policy in Indonesia is slightly different than that in other countries, but foreigners can still find some great bars. Drinking is not strictly prohibited, although many bars do make minor modifications for religious reasons. In Jakarta, for example, dedicated alcohol-only bars are a rarity; most are part-restaurant, social center, Wi-Fi hotspots, and even nightclubs as the hours creep into the night.

Another popular Indonesian bar is the Holywings chain, which operates 36 bars and a new beach club on the island of Bali. Last week, a social media post by Holywings gave Muslim patrons Mohammad a free bottle of gin. The post caught the attention of hardline Islamic pressure groups in Indonesia. They organized protests last week, demanding that the chain close. A spokesperson for the chain said the bar’s alcohol-related practices were not against the law.

While most people would probably avoid the Senopati neighborhood for the sake of local taste, this is a place worth checking out. This bar is located above a bistro, and its menu is based on local ingredients. Its cocktail menu includes local ingredients and interesting flavour combinations. Drinks include Batavia Milk Punch (made from the sap of palm trees), spiced rum, oolong tea mill, and pineapple. The bar has a social lounge on the third floor, which is dim-lit and has a chic, contemporary ambiance. The music lineup features live bands playing covers of top 40 songs.