Best Pub in USA

There are so many good pubs in the USA that choosing just one can be a challenge. The following list highlights the best ones, from classic watering holes to cutting-edge lounges. Beer lovers will enjoy the Long Island Tavern in New York, which has the longest wooden bar in the state. The pub is also considered to be one of the best brewpubs in the USA.

The Olde Ale House in New Orleans is another pub on this list. This historic pub was opened by a couple from Belfast. It has a great atmosphere, especially if you’re a football fan. The pub has an awesome website that shows videos of its football club following Hurricane Katrina.

Irish pubs are known for their warm ambiance, delicious beverages, and ultimate comfort food offerings. Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink or a rowdy night out with your friends, you’ll find the right place to enjoy an authentic Irish experience. According to Forbes, there are over 7,000 Irish pubs in the world, with nearly four thousand in the United States.