Indonesian Bars

A rooftop bar in Jakarta is a great place to unwind with a drink. With an impressive cocktail and food menu, it draws a distinctly younger crowd. It’s also an excellent place to watch a live band. Another popular rooftop bar is the Alila Rooftop Bar, which will soon replace Hakkasan. It features a small bar area, but there are sofas available for booking. This place offers good electronic music.

Indonesia has an impressive pub culture, especially in its cosmopolitan capital, Jakarta. However, less metropolitan areas are lacking in bars. Most bars serve a mixed clientele, with many different purposes. Some are dedicated solely to serving alcohol, but most are part-restaurant, Wi-Fi hotspots, and social centers. Once the night falls, they often turn into nightclubs.

The bar’s alleged violation of Islamic law led to a widespread backlash. Some conservative Islamic groups accused the owners of disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad by offering free gin. Senior officials of the Muhammadiyah Islamic group criticized the bar’s “unethical” promotion, while others called for the owners to be punished. One conservative lawmaker took to Twitter to condemn the bar’s “unprofessionalism.”

While there is no need for the directors of a bar to hold company shares, they do need to have a registered address in a building with a building permit. Depending on where you want your bar to be located, the registration process can take up to three weeks. However, this can be reduced to as little as five days if you have a registered address with Emerhub.