Malarkey’s Pub Review

Whether you’re a swanky socialite or a down-to-earth cypher, you’ll find plenty of reasons to stop at Malarkey’s Pub. Aside from the usual suspects, the pub also caters to an aficionados of the crafty variety, and has a decent draft list featuring some of the best brews in town.

As you might expect, the pub offers up some tasty food, from the aforementioned fish and chips to a decent brunch. You’ll also find a reasonably well stocked cocktail list, and a surprisingly extensive wine selection. In particular, the wine menu is a veritable treasure trove of the stuff, from the classics to the more recent creations.

The pub is a surprisingly large place, despite its relative size. This is especially true in the evenings, when the place is at its most crowded. It also makes for a good vantage point to watch the local action unfold. The pub also makes a decent game of chess. For a small place, this is not a bad thing.

The pub has a few notable qualms, but for the most part, this is a notch above the competition. The place is a bit of a trek from the town center, but the parking situation is pretty good, as is the service. The bar staff are also fairly friendly. In short, the pub is a good place to start your night out. It’s also a great place to end it. The best way to go is to have a drink at the bar, and end it with a bite at the pub’s onsite restaurant, which serves up a mean brunch. The pub has some pretty decent food and drink specials during the week, including a three-course lunch for a mere £8.50. It’s worth noting that you might have to wait a little while for your food, but it’s well worth the wait. The bar is also home to a couple of local comedians, so you can end your night on a high note without leaving the premises. The bar also has a large number of other functions, including an art gallery, and a surprisingly decent fitness centre. Despite all of the buzz, the pub still manages to retain its old-school charm. The pub has a nice selection of beers, and a very respectable whiskey list. The pub is also well known for churning out the best fish and chips in Toledo. The pub also has a surprisingly large wine list, containing a good selection of the best of the best, and a decent cocktail list. If you’re looking for a cosy place to wind down the evening after work, this is the place to go. Those looking for a more upscale atmosphere should pay a visit to The Queen’s Head, which is a stone’s throw away. It’s also home to the best fish and chips in town, and serves a reasonably priced bottle of champagne, if you’re feeling flush. It’s the best of both worlds.