The Pub – The Heart of a Community

The pub is the heart of a community, a place to celebrate and commiserate, to meet friends and strangers. A pub is where people share stories and jokes, listen to music and watch the world go by.

The best pubs have a sense of history, the story told in the sticky tabletops, landlord’s tales and suspicious stains. They also have character, a local atmosphere, perhaps a roaring fire, comfortable armchairs and cosy snugs, great food (with a garden to boot) and an excellent free jukebox. The best of all have something unique to their community: a special beer, a friendly cat called Tiddles, or a reputation for music – from Kilburn and the High Roads to Dr Feelgood to the Kursaal Flyers.

A pub typically sells draught and bottled beer, cider, wine, spirits and tea and coffee. In some cases, it will serve a full menu and allow minors in the dining area (though they cannot have alcohol). Some pubs are gastro-pubs that offer a more refined food selection and drinks menu.

Traditionally, the pub was a men’s club but this has changed, and in many cases women now prefer to drink in pubs rather than bars. Pubs can have themes such as biker bars, sports pubs or gay bars and are often family-friendly. Some have private rooms for parties or events, and some are dog-friendly. Pubs often have a bowling team and some have gardens for outdoor drinking.