Time Out Pub Review

A pub is a type of public house serving alcoholic beverages, usually along with snacks or light meals. Most offer drinks such as draught beer and cider, wine, spirits, tea and coffee. Some also provide a full menu. Pubs often have a relaxed atmosphere, and some are themed in particular genres, such as sports or music. Some are chain locations, while others are independent establishments based on local tradition.

The earliest pubs were indistinguishable from private houses, but the growth of industry and the need for social interaction saw them evolve into what we now recognise as traditional pubs. They often drew inspiration from the architecture of gin houses and palaces, but the Pub Act of 1830 allowed them to incorporate more architectural features in order to distinguish themselves from other bars.

In the UK, pubs are sometimes called taverns or inns and can feature a variety of games, including billiards and darts. Many are associated with rugby union and other sports clubs, and some have bowling greens. Many pubs also support a range of live music events, from traditional folk and blues to rock and punk.

For a bar to make it onto one of Time Out’s recommended lists, it needs to have brilliant beverages (that’s a given). But the best pubs combine excellent drinks with great service and a buzzing atmosphere to create an experience that’s unforgettable. These are the places that will have you feeling like a local in no time.