What is a Pub?

A pub is a drinking establishment which sells alcoholic beverages and may offer limited food options. It differs from a bar as it usually offers a more full range of foods than just appetizers and snacks. Pubs are typically quieter than bars and provide an ambient atmosphere that is enjoyable and relaxing.

A good pub will have a minimum of four local bitters/ales on tap and a range of decent lager (which does not include Fosters, Carling or Carlsberg) plus a variety of premium ciders, a stout (Guinness is the go to though Young’s London Stout is also very good) and an interesting selection of bottled drinks including wine. Many pubs now have an outside space – such as a beer garden – where customers can sit and enjoy the ambience.

The interior of a good pub will have dark wood furniture and tables, often with a frosted glass window in the middle to keep any unsightly patrons out. It will probably have a CD jukebox with a Rihanna album next to a Roy Orbison one, and a map of Ireland on the wall. It is often not overly influenced by trends, which is part of the charm.

Some pubs are in chains and are run by PubCo’s or breweries, whereas others are independent. The independents are often a mix of free and tied tenants. Some tied tenants resent being bought out, especially when they see their traditional names disappear from the sign boards.