How to Find a Pub Near You

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One of the main differences between a pub and a restaurant is the layout. In a restaurant, seating is often reserved and designed to convey a specific message to customers. In a pub, seating is open. It can be anywhere, from the table next to your friends to the best seats to watch the pub television. A pub can be a popular hangout for many different types of people. Some pubs have loyal crowds and a certain music genre.

While both types of establishments serve alcoholic beverages, pubs are often more lively places to party. Bars are usually a little less formal than pubs, offering a smaller menu with more filling food. In addition to drinks, pubs may feature live music or entertain patrons with a live band. They are both fun places to spend time with friends and socialize. Regardless of their location, there’s usually a bar or pub near you.

Pubs originated in the 19th century. While alehouses were similar to private homes, pubs were more often than not owned by publicans. Rural roads meant that the only way to get beer was to go to a pub. During the Industrial Revolution, many areas of the United Kingdom were transformed, creating massive demand for beer and intense competition for customers. The pubs were quickly growing and expanding, and many of their features remain today. If you’re interested in owning a pub in the United Kingdom, check out these tips to find one near you.