What Makes a Pub?

A pub is a drinking establishment where alcohol is served, often alongside food. It can be a public house, inn or tavern.

Historically, many British pubs were community centres, where people from a locality or area met regularly. They are still popular in some areas.

Some of the most popular fictional pubs on television are the Rovers Return in Coronation Street, the Queen Vic in EastEnders and the Woolpack in Emmerdale. These are all part of the culture of Britain and have become household names to many.

What makes a great pub?

It should have a traditional feel and a friendly atmosphere. It should be a place where you can meet new people or chat to old friends. It should have a good selection of beer.

The type of drinks it serves is also important. Most pubs offer a wide range of alcoholic drinks, from draught beers to wine and spirits.

They also provide meals and snacks, and some are referred to as gastro-pubs.

A good pub should serve meals to a higher standard than you would get in a restaurant. It should also offer a great variety of drinks, and skilled bartenders who can help you choose the right drink.

However, it is not uncommon for some pubs to be taken over by chain bars. Some of these bars serve a different type of clientele than other types of pubs and are usually more lively, offering sports on TV, karaoke nights, fruit machines (slots), music and trendy lighting.